Boat trips
Torridon Sailing Tours
Tel: +44 (0)1520 755328 / +44 (0)7803 006009
SY Temptress is a beautiful 13 metre sailing yacht based in Shieldaig. We run tours by arrangement for up to four people inside the Loch and up to 60 miles offshore.
MV Kerry
Hebridean Whale Cruises
Tel: 01445 712458
We have two boats in Gairloch and operate daily whale and wildlife cruises - Offshore, to whale and dolphin feeding grounds in the open waters of the North Minch; and Inshore, around Loch Gairloch, a natural wildlife haven.
Glass Bottomed Boat Trips
Tel: 0790 4200013 / 01445 712647
Think of this as a boat trip with an added bonus that you are likely to see things under the water too!
Loch Gairloch is an amazing sea loch, which has really been helped by a ban on trawling and dredging. The sea floor is pristine and serves as a nursery for many varieties of plant and animal including starfish, urchin and an amazing array of kelps.
MV Zephyr
Creel Boat Trips, Badachro
Tel: 01445 741263
Join local skipper Ian McWhinney on his traditional creel fishing boat in the beautiful setting of Badachro Bay. Watch as the creels are hauled from the crystal clear waters, and participate in an activity that has been part of Ian's family for centuries.
Prior booking essential.
Gairloch Marine Life Centre & Cruises
Tel: 01445 712636
Join our expert marine biologist guide on one of our daily marine wildlife survey cruises. Suitable for all ages, we record porpoise, whale, dolphin and basking shark activity in the waters around Gairloch. Frequent sightings of otters, seals and seabirds including white-tailed eagles and golden eagles.
Pine Marten
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